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Wedding Video Restored after 51 years
My grandparents finally got to watch their wedding for the first time after 51 years




Tonight my grandparents watched their wedding video for the first time in 51 years.


My grandmother had stored the reel of film away as it got burn damage when trying to transfer it to tape. Afraid to touch it, she actually thought everything was completely lost.


A few weeks ago my grandmother asked me if theres anything I could do about it. I didn't know the reel of film existed until then.


I managed to get it digitised and it turned out there were only a few minutes of viewable footage. The film being that short had no impact on how much joy it brought her being able to see it after all these years and see everyone so young and animated. The nostalgia was strong.


And now as her grandson I have this to look at and show my own son his great grandparents on their wedding day.


When you invest in a wedding film you are investing in something bigger than simply a recording of the day.


Of all the things you invest in for your wedding day, the memories, preservation and your story should be a priority.


Especially after seeing my grandmother react to her own.

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