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Frequently Asked Questions

Who chooses the music?

Music is an integral part of making your film perfect. The music is carefully selected to suit you - in fact, during the editing process, endless hours can be spent searching for that 'perfect' track!


All of the music that I use is fully licensed.

Where are you based?

I am based in the North of Ireland with no limit on where I am willing to travel.

How long before we receive our film after the wedding?

Typically the average wait has been between 14-16 weeks - During peak times this might be slightly longer.

How do we receive our film?

You will receive your films via a password protected online gallery - which will allow you to download each of your films 

Hosting is for 1 year from delivery of films - within that year it is highly recommended that you download and make your own copies.

I would advise backing up to a cloud based service and multiple physical copy (external hard drive, laptop etc)


If you have ordered a physical product it is still recommended that you make an additional back up for long term protection.

Could you describe your working style?

Every wedding and couple I work with are different - my main focus is to capture natural moments as they unfold, especially moments that you may miss. On top of that, I make all efforts to work to your comfort level while capturing everything in the most creative and visually pleasing way possible.

How can we contact you?

We are easily accessible and can be contacted by most methods. After an initial chat and possible meetup/coffee, you decide to book with us, you will have our mobile numbers to text any questions/queries through. We might not always be available to answer phone calls due to the nature of the work, but will always respond to texts, emails etc. as soon as possible.

How do we book with you?

Once you have decided to book with us, we will send you through the contract containing all the necessary details. When you are happy to proceed, you will need to forward the deposit to us, along with confirmation of your chosen package and contract emailed back to us, after this your name is in the book and your date is secured.

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