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Dublin City Centre Wedding // Fallon & Byrne

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This was one of the most spectacular days of the year, full of fun and laughs. There were no worries, everything flowed and most of all, everyone just had fun. Your wedding should be a day to remember, so let everyone else do the worrying while you grab a pint of Guinness and hit the streets like these two.



The couple chose Fallon & Byrne as their wedding venue. It surprised me a lot, because when you come through the front door you walk into a grocery store. 2 floors up, you have one of the cutest wedding reception rooms I have seen in a while. We still took the opportunity to get some really cool shots in the food hall.




No Dublin wedding is complete without a visit to the Guinness Storehouse. The main area was swarmed with tourists on this Friday afternoon. But, we found a quiet spot and had some fun!




This wedding is a great reminder of how you should just enjoy your day and have fun. If you are inspired by our work, please use the contact form below and start the discussion to see if we can make something cool together.

- Darragh Haddock // Forever Endeavour



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